The 6 biggest Facebook Ads mistakes you can easily avoid.

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When your Facebook Ads invoice arrives do you wonder where your money has gone? Why you have spent £££s and not seeing enough leads in return?

We analyse tons of Facebook Ads. Many of them are making basic mistakes but with a few simple tweaks could be generating awesome leads and sales. Here’s what we have found:

  1. Have you set the right objective? Facebook shows your ad to the people most likely to act on your objective.

Conversion ads need a high number of sales (around 50 a week) to help Facebook show your ads to the people most likely to buy. If the audience isn’t big enough, or ready to buy, a ‘traffic’ ad will be more suitable.

  1. How does the copy make readers feel?

Facebook wants its users to feel good about themselves. Does your copy suggest readers are ‘struggling’ or could it make them feel inadequate (especially important for fitness and beauty products)? Use your very best upbeat phrasing!

  1. Too much text on the image?

It can be tempting to load your image with text, but more than 20% and your ad could be declined at review. Even if it slips through, you may find it stalls and doesn’t perform.

  1. Have you researched your audience (and are you targeting them?)

There are many, many ads where the targeting is too broad. We spend a long time with clients really understanding what interests their audience, what other pages they like and what companies their perfect customers follow. Facebook Ads Manager tells you what interests your audience and the results may surprise you!

  1. Test, Test and test again!

It is so tempting to think you know what your audience want to see, or to dismiss Facebook Ads as rubbish when a small change could make a huge difference to your return on spend.

We test different images and alternative copy (not all at the same time, give yourself a fighting chance to interpret the results). How do you know which is best? See our must read blog on how to understand Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Spend enough money.

Facebook gives a fantastic opportunity to reach your ideal audience but just a few ££s isn’t enough. We recommend a minimum of £10 a day so Facebook can find your customers and give you chance to test properly.

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