How knowing your audience can reduce your Facebook Ad spend.

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User Persona, Customer Avatar, Target Audience.

These are all words used to describe who you are trying to reach through your marketing.

It’s hugely important whatever your marketing focus, but when Facebook advertising it is absolutely critical to understand your audience before you start. This means setting up your interest based audience will be easier and laser targeted:

  • You reach people likely to buy, giving you a better return on your money.
  • Copy will be written in a style which will appeal to your ideal customers.
  • Use images that your customers identify with.

What could you think about?

  1. Hard Facts: List out your avatar's demographic traits (e.g., age, sex, education level, income level, marital status, occupation and average family size). This tends to be quite easy.
  2. Psychographic traits: This is a little more complicated and needs a deeper understanding of your customer avatar. The traits based on values, attitudes, lifestyle and aspirations. Examples include: wanting a healthy lifestyle or valuing time with family.
  3. Pain points: what has prevented your avatar finding a solution to the problem you solve already. Is it time, money, confidence or something else?

4.  Audience Insights: You can research these in Facebook Business Manager. What interests do they have? What pages do they like? Some may be completely irrelevant but others give you a valuable insight into your avatar’s interests.

Once you have this written down and refined, congratulations, you are ready to build out your target based audience!